Elizabeth Roth at Pierre's Pub

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Pierre's Pub, 69 St George Street, St. Augustine, Florida

This is the new live music beer and wine garden that has recently opened in what many people will remember as the original Mi Casa Cafe location. I'm excited about how nicely it has been fixed up and about all the wonderful improvements that have been made to to this space. And I have a lot of memories of playing in there over many years, so it's a pleasure to be back. They are hosting live musicians every day of the week If you haven't yet been in to check it out, please do! Especially if you had previously been sad to hear it was to become a Cinnabon. Yes, the inside restaurant is now a Cinnabon (YUM!), but the music in the garden is back, and I really can't say enough good about the changes I have seen and the vibe from the staff and the new ownership (the owner happens to be an old friend. His family built and has always owned the building, and he used to live in the upstairs apartment when I played there 25 years ago and he'd always come out and make requests from the balcony. I love what he has done - Way to go, Paul!). We hope to see you there soon!